Pillar Candles

We do not buy store bought candles and decorate them, we create from scratch. To create our pillar candles we use the highest quality and performing soy wax blend so the candles hold their balance regardless of the temperature or storage compartment. The other products in this category come from a sustainably sourced palm wax which includes a starburst pattern. The definition in the palm wax gives the starburst pattern a distinct crystal formulation making it a real feast for the eyes. We only use cotton wicks and cosmetic grade fragrances which ensures a wider throw of that magical scent. However, being a custom candle maker, we also produce unscented candles for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Pillar Candles – Sizes and Price Guide

  • 8 x 9cm $25
  • 8 x 16cm $50
  • 8 x 24cm $55
  • 10 x 11.5cm $45
  • 10 x 16cm $55
  • 10 x 24cm $65

The above prices are a guide only which includes design, artwork, the candle, embellishments such as ribbons, crosses etc., keepsake photo of your special candle and packaging. If you want to add metallic foil writing or extra embellishments on the candles, it will be an additional $5 per candle which covers the cost of the materials and extra time and labour required to make the candle. Discounts can be applied when ordering multiple candles.

** Shipping is an additional charge and can be anywhere from $12 upwards Australia wide.

How to Order

We like to talk to each and every one of our clients to determine their exact needs and what it is they are looking for.  So feel free to call Jules on the number listed on the website, email jules@customcandlesgoldcoast.com.au or complete the enquiry/contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. When placing an order, we shall invoice you with the exact details of what you are after so there is no misunderstanding. We then design the artwork and send it to you for confirmation that all details are correct before we proceed to print. It is at this time we shall confirm pickup or delivery details and give you an ETA.

How Long to Make

As you can appreciate, we take great care in creating our clients candles.  The process ideally takes between 7-10 working days with delivery excluded in this timeframe.  The exception to this is memorial candles as we understand there are time constraints involved so the timeframe for these is 3-5 working days.  If your order is urgent, we can still accommodate you, but there could be a surcharge applied.